The runoff election for the 2018 South Carolina Senate race will be held on Tuesday, May 3.

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South Carolina is expected to go to the polls on Tuesday night, and if you have a smartphone and are in the South Carolina metropolitan area, you may want to do a quick search on your preferred candidate to see what’s happening in the race.

Here are the key points to watch:Who is running in the runoff election?

The race for South Carolina’s Senate seat is between incumbent Republican Gov.

Nikki Haley and Democratic challenger Mark Sanford.

If the race ends up being decided by just 1,200 votes, it would be the lowest number of votes cast in the state’s history.

If there’s a tie, it’s still a very close race and could have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the race if there’s an unforeseeable outcome.

Here are the candidates for the race:The candidates are expected to do well with black voters, who make up a large chunk of the electorate.

The primary election is expected be between Democratic incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and his Republican challenger, state Sen. Mark Sanford, who is running as a Republican.

The race will also be between state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Republican challenger David Perdue.

In the Democratic primary, incumbent Sen., Sen. Ron Johnson of South Dakota, will face incumbent Sen, Sen. Frank Lucas of Alabama, in the general election.

The primaries will be March 17, 2019, and May 15, 2019.

What to watch this time around?

South Carolina’s special election for Congress is not just about the race for the Senate, but also for the presidency.

The state’s Democratic nominee for president, former President, and current Gov.

Jay Nixon, will be in the running for re-election, but he’s also running for the GOP nomination.

The GOP primary will be between former Sen. Bob Dole and former Gov.

Steve Bullock.

If neither candidate is selected, the Republican primary will go to a runoff election.

Here is what you need to know about the 2018 midterm elections: