Conservative party leaders are confident they can pull off a historic comeback in next month’s General Election after a series of recent poll results which suggest the party is poised to make gains.

Key results from the UK election campaign so farThe Conservatives have increased their lead over Labour in a new YouGov poll for The Times, with the Conservatives up three points on last week.

This is a new high for the Conservatives, with their lead now just shy of a 10-point gap between the Conservatives and Labour, which has held since December.

The Tories are currently polling ahead of the Liberal Democrats by a single point.

The latest YouGov survey shows the Conservatives are leading the Labour party by four points on its current strength, and the Conservatives have held on to their lead since December, the same month a Labour-led coalition was formed.

Labour’s lead in the polls is now down to a single percentage point, with its lead over the Conservatives now down two points to just six points.

Labour is now on just 12% support, while the Conservatives hold a commanding lead of 41%.

This suggests the Conservatives could be on course for an historic victory in next week’s general election, and could even become the first party to win an overall majority in the Commons.

“It’s a very strong showing for the Conservative party.

It’s a big boost for them.

And it’s a boost for the British people.

We’re still in a very difficult time for our economy,” Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg told The Times.

The Labour party is not holding its election manifesto to the same level as it did at the beginning of the year.

It has published only one new policy document since the election campaign began, which was a list of 10 policies which would give the party greater control over public spending, which is seen as a key plank of the Labour agenda.

A new Yougov poll for the Daily Mail shows the Tories are now leading the Conservative Party by three points.

However, while Conservative support is growing, the party’s vote share is falling.

In a recent YouGov YouGov online survey, Conservative voters said their vote share was down by 6 points, while Labour voters said it was down 6 points.

Theresa May has faced increasing pressure from her party to run a stronger campaign in the run up to next month.

The prime minister has already promised a campaign to “keep Britain strong and secure” in the face of the threat of Islamic State, which swept across the Middle East and North Africa last year.

In the latest Yougov survey, the Conservatives had a 14-point lead over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, which currently holds power in the House of Commons.

Labour is now up six points to 27%, while the Liberal Democrat is up six to 19%.