The election of a new Indian prime minister is a defining moment in Indian politics.

While many have been focused on how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election was conducted and the timing, the election also has significance for the entire region.

The Election of India 2017 is an attempt to bring about a change in the country’s political and economic systems.

The Indian Election Commission, a body that oversees the results of the elections, says it is not able to reveal the official outcome of the 2017 elections due to the ongoing political crisis.

It is instead asking people to share their opinions about the election and what they think is the best way forward.

So, what is the term ‘election’ anyway?

In the Indian context, elections are defined as the formal process by which an entity or group of people decides the direction of the country, such as a parliament or a government.

The Indian constitution also states that a person or entity may only be elected to office once.

The word ‘elections’ comes from the Greek words ‘elector’ and ‘electrum’ (a unit of measurement used in measurement), meaning ‘to elect’.

The ancient Greeks were the first people to use this word to describe the exercise of political power.

There is no official definition of the word election, but it is used to describe a process in which a group of voters or citizens is able to vote for or against an individual or group.

The term is often used as a synonym for the exercise or outcome of an election.

As part of the process, a group or individual must agree on a candidate or candidates to vote in an election and provide their name, party affiliation and other details.

If the voter or citizen doesn’t agree, the group or candidate will be defeated.

In 2017, the government had already decided to appoint Rahul Gandhi as prime minister of India.

His choice of Rahul Gandhi for prime minister, however, sparked protests across the country.

In an effort to calm the growing unrest, India’s Supreme Court had ruled that Rahul Gandhi could not be prime minister.