Election results have been released for the 2018 General Election.

But for some, this is only the beginning.

What happens next? 

A quick look at the data sets in this election: ABS/NAB Election data for September 2018 The AAP Election data from September 2018 was published by The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). 

BDS Electoral data for October 2018 This data is published by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and is available for use by election campaigns.

CNT Election data and election results from October 2018 The CNT Election data and election results from the 2018 Australian Capital Territory (ACT) election are available for the first time.

FACT Election data published on the eve of the 2018 Federal ElectionThe FACT Elections data and data on the Australian Electoral Commision’s website were published in early September 2018.

Greens/Nationals Election data released for September The Greens/National party data and Election results are available to all parties for the September 2018 federal election.

Independents/others election data and results published on September 2018 The Independents and others data and Data published on September 2018 is available to candidates and political parties for all of the Commonwealth’s state and territory elections.

Katter Party data and the 2018 federal electorate The Katter Party Election data is available for all parties in the Commonwealth.

Matter Party Data and election results for September 2020The Matter and Other data and elections for the 2019 Commonwealth election are available to all political parties in Australia for the 2020 election. 

Nationals and Independencies data and result released on September 2018The National and Indications data and Results for the 2019 federal election are published on September 2018.