LINWOOD, N.H. — In the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning upset in the GOP primaries, many voters are turning to their state’s congressional delegations to decide whether to back a nominee who won their state in last year’s election.

If the Republican National Committee does not nominate one of the GOP presidential candidates, it could be the first time in history a party has had two men from different parties running for the same office.

This year, Republicans are seeking to win back control of the Senate, which Democrats won in 2010.

If the RNC doesn’t nominate a candidate who can defeat Democratic incumbent Scott Brown in November, Democrats would need to take the Senate in a special election.

Republican leaders have pledged to work with Democrats to ensure the GOP can hold the Senate.

That’s a key demand of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who said in a recent interview with CBS News that if the Republicans can’t secure a majority, he will work to bring the chamber back into Republican hands in 2020.

Republicans say they have a plan in place to do just that.

They say they will hold a hearing on the party’s platform and platform committees in the House on Thursday, and they will then hold a vote on the Senate platform.

The two chambers would then begin work on a bill to replace the Supreme Court, which the Republicans have vowed to replace with a more liberal justice.

Republicans are also expected to hold a conference call on Thursday with all 50 state Republican parties, where they plan to outline their proposals to elect Senate candidates.

The goal is to set the stage for a vote next week, when a handful of Republican senators in the Senate will decide whether or not to approve a bill that would give GOP-controlled states a major boost in the next presidential election.

Democrats are hoping to use the opportunity to put out the fire by making it clear that they will not be happy with what Republicans are proposing.

The Democrats’ campaign against the Republicans is a direct assault on the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and an assault on Democratic efforts to ensure that the 2020 primary process will not take place in a way that is unfair to candidates and the voters of the state.

They also are attacking Republican attempts to deny them a path to victory.

The Democratic National Committee has been in constant contact with Republican leadership to try to convince them to move forward with a nominee and the Republican Party to help Democrats in 2020, but they have received no help from the RNC, who are pushing the party to do the same.

McConnell and his colleagues in the Republican Conference are also looking for ways to win over Democrats who have grown weary of the Republican primary process.

The conference is looking to make the 2020 election more competitive, to bring more independents and Democrats into the fold, and to focus on building a more diverse Democratic Party, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

McConnell has been working with Democratic leaders to make sure the party can succeed in 2020 and that it has an opportunity to regain control of Congress.

The Senate’s GOP caucus is expected to vote on a resolution next week that would add more Republicans to the Senate and put a cap on the number of Democratic seats the GOP would need in order to win a majority.

Democrats say the effort to boost the party in 2020 is designed to make 2020 a more competitive election and to help Republicans recapture control of both chambers of Congress and the presidency in 2020 so they can take control of state and local governments, expand the government and make it easier to run for office.

McCLINNEY: We have to get to a point where this election is not about us and about the American people.

We have got to have a more focused campaign, and we have to do it with the most energy and the most passion and the least amount of fear.

DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE COMMITTERS IN HOUSE: We should vote to put this party back on the national stage, not just to protect its majority, but to put it on the front burner of the next election.

DEMOCRATS: We are going to have to have an aggressive and aggressive national organizing campaign.

DEMOGRAND: We will do everything we can to help elect more women, Latinos and Asian Americans to Congress.

DEMOBAN: I am excited about this.

We are a party that can win back the House.

I have been fighting for this for a long time, and now is the time to make history.