Aussie election day is the final chance to watch how it unfolds in real time.

That means the first big battle of the campaign will be on election night, when all the candidates’ offices close and ballots cast are tallied.

But there will also be an extra bit of drama on the morning of the election day, with an early morning rally from the Liberal Party that will be broadcast live on ABC News.

This morning’s rally, which was co-organised by the Prime Minister’s office and the Australian Electoral Commission, is expected to be the biggest and most colourful demonstration yet of the Liberals’ strong and consistent campaign to win the election. 

In the days leading up to the election, the Liberals were already battling back against allegations they had deliberately rigged the election in favour of the Greens. 

Mr Turnbull said the rally would be an important step towards ending that controversy. 

“Our team has done a fantastic job in the lead-up to this election.

We’ve spent millions of dollars on the lead up to this campaign and I’m confident that we’ll be successful in doing the same for the election,” he said. 

As the election campaign progressed, it became clear the Liberals had a lot of work to do.

In fact, they needed to do a lot more.

Labor’s former treasurer, Andrew Leigh, resigned as party president, saying he had been caught red-handed by the Liberal campaign team during a party fundraiser last year.

Mr Turnbull told ABC Radio National this morning that it had been the “most difficult election campaign” he had ever been involved in.

“What happened in the campaign has been a disgrace,” he told the program.

“What has happened in my time is that the Liberal party has a team that is not only dishonest, but also deceitful, deceitful and deceitful.”

The whole of the Liberal team, the whole of their team is untrustworthy, and that’s why I think it’s going to be an incredibly difficult campaign for them.

“Mr Leigh also announced that he would be stepping down as party chairman.

But it is the Liberal National Party, which has been leading the charge, that is likely to win this election, according to a senior Liberal strategist.

Liberal MP and former cabinet minister Joe Hockey, a close friend of the Prime Minster, will lead the party into the election on Tuesday.

As for the Greens, they are expected to win a fair number of seats in the lower house, with the Greens predicted to be a minor player.

But in the Senate, the Liberal Nationals are likely to hold the balance of power, and the Nationals are also expected to hold some seats in other states.

However, the Prime Ministers office has also been preparing to launch a more aggressive and long-term campaign against Labor, warning the opposition that Labor is planning to raise its taxes, cut welfare benefits and abolish the carbon tax.

A senior Liberal source told ABC radio that the party was planning to attack Labor’s welfare reforms, which were expected to raise the national debt by $2 trillion.

The Prime Minister said that if Labor is elected, he would sign up to their policies and would not hesitate to cut the country’s welfare entitlements.

If Labor is defeated in the election Mr Turnbull said that the Prime minster would be the most unpopular leader he had faced.

He said Mr Hockey had not been a great prime minister and his policies would lead Australia to another recession.

On the campaign trail, Mr Turnbull and his team have been busy getting the message across to the public.

They are also using social media to highlight the Prime minister’s policies.

ABC election analyst Anthony Albanese has predicted that the Liberals will win seats in every state and territory in Australia, with Labor holding just a handful of seats. 

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