Louisiana elections 2018, which saw Republican Donald Trump win the state’s presidency, have been released online ahead of the November 6 general election.

The latest results show that Democrat Ralph Northam beat incumbent Gov.

John Bel Edwards by over 7,000 votes, a result that was the biggest for a Democrat in Louisiana history.

Edwards, the former mayor of New Orleans, received more than 7,100 votes.

In a separate poll, Northam led Edwards by more than 5,000 in a matchup between Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Both were backed by the Libertarian Party.

The two candidates are vying for a spot on the November ballot.

Northam has not been endorsed by the Republican Party.

Northam’s win came after a tumultuous campaign in which he had to contend with allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

The Republican Party had been hoping for a victory over Edwards, who has been accused of using a state-run medical marijuana program to circumvent federal law by helping to set up a private medical marijuana dispensary in the state.

In December, Northams office was vandalized and burned by protesters who took part in the protest, which was later turned into a peaceful demonstration.