LOUISIANA, Louisiana — The governor of Guyana has won a second term and his wife won a third in a landslide election that saw Guyana become the sixth nation to elect a president in the United States.

President Josefina Guzman, 57, is the first woman to hold the office of president in Guyana.

She is running in the election on the same platform that her husband, President Guzman Mar, campaigned on, pledging to create jobs, create a new, transparent, accountable government, and promote economic growth.

President-elect Pierre Nkurunziza said he won the election because of his commitment to economic growth and the development of the economy.

He campaigned on his commitment not only to invest in the economy but to create new jobs, Nkruuluziza said.

He said Guyana was the only country in Africa that is facing such challenges.

Guyana’s elections are a milestone in the history of the United Nations and in the world.

The country’s constitution was passed in 1998, but was not ratified until 2006.

Nkruulsiza campaigned on a promise to build a strong and transparent government and to protect the rights of women and minorities, while promoting economic growth, the Associated Press reported.

The elections were the first to be held in a post-communist era.

Guyana joins a growing number of nations where the presidential race has become a proxy for the country’s political tensions.

Nkluluzisa won in April, when his main rival, President Josefino Varela, was forced to concede after being indicted on corruption charges.

He was accused of accepting bribes from a local businessman.

In Guyana, the first lady, a well-known environmentalist and a prominent feminist, has won the presidency in a close race that could have been much closer.

A third woman, Marina Barrera, is running as an independent, while her husband is the head of the governing party.