When did Georgia’s election go to a runoff?

Posted November 15, 2020 05:19:52Presidential elections are often the last chance for a candidate to win a majority of the popular vote and a presidential election is the last time

What 2020 election predictions are we likely to see?

The 2020 U.S. presidential election will be the closest in U.C.L.A. history, according to a new forecast published on Thursday.In the 10th annual U.K. elections forecast, which was compiled by

How to make a Texas election year work

A Texas election would be a bit like the one in 1992, when the country went to the polls for the first time.But instead of a national recount, Texas would

Why it is so difficult to win an election in Florida

It is difficult to find someone who would not like to see Donald Trump lose the state of Florida in November.The fact that Florida has voted for the Republican presidential nominee in every election since the 1960s, and in many cases in presidential elections, has left many Florida voters in a quandary.If
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How to vote in the primary elections of 2019 and 2020

How do you vote in 2019 and if you’re in 2019, what’s the difference between primary and general elections?Read more about 2019 elections, general elections, primary elections, nh elections, voting
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The day before the 2004 election, a young man in the capital, Delhi, was shot dead by unidentified men. It was the first major terrorist attack in the city since 1984.

The morning of May 3, 2004, in the central Indian city of Delhi, an unknown number of gunmen, some of them dressed in army uniforms, opened fire on a group

How to vote in the 2020 Wisconsin election live coverage

Live coverage of the 2020 presidential and vice presidential elections is now available for the first time in the US.The first presidential debate will be held on Sunday, November 6,

Board of elections 2019: nycs elections 2019 board of elections

The Board of Elections is scheduled to meet at 10 a.m.CT today at the Newark Civic Center in Newark, New Jersey.The board will vote on the 2018 ballot and a list of candidates to run for mayor.The ballot includes:1.The Democratic candidate, N.Y. State Assemblyman James O’Brien, who will run as a Democratic
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