The 2020 election was called off Wednesday after Pennsylvania’s election board ruled that the results of the state’s presidential election did not accurately reflect the results cast by the state.

The decision was based on the results from a separate state recount, which took place in two counties. 

A preliminary vote tally of more than 4.5 million ballots was projected to give Donald Trump a victory of 306 electoral votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 232, according to The Associated Press.

The AP said the new vote totals will likely be revised as more votes are counted. 

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, U.S., November 27, 2020.

President Donald Trump is not in the White Houses office after a visit to the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington.

The president, his family, and members of the Trump administration have been in Washington for the first two weeks of a three-week holiday weekend.

Trump has been in the country since Dec. 22.

The announcement came after a Pennsylvania state official said the presidential vote tallies of county clerks in the counties that had been used to cast ballots had inaccurately reflected the final tally. 

“The result of the election in Pennsylvania will not be certified today because the vote totals were not accurately reflected by the Secretary of State’s office,” the state Board of Elections announced in a statement. 

In a press conference Wednesday, Pennsylvania Secretary of the State, Matt McGinty, said the state was looking into the issue. 

McGinty said the board has received hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls since the election, and that “all we have found is the Secretary’s office had a problem with counting votes.

We have not found any reason to believe that this is anything other than the result of a mistake on the part of the county clerks.”

McGinney said there were discrepancies in counties that were used to count ballots. 

After Trump was elected president, the election board declared that the ballots cast in Pennsylvania were not accurate. 

Trump was not at the Whitehouse Wednesday.