Polls have closed in Israel and Poland and Israeli officials said they were likely to announce early results from Sunday, with both countries on course to hold their next general elections in March 2019.

A majority of voters in both countries are likely to cast ballots for either incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or a new candidate.

The latest poll by Israeli news site Haaretz found that the Israeli public favoured Netanyahu by a 55-44 percent margin.

It was the second consecutive poll in Israel to find a majority backing Netanyahu, who has faced strong opposition from the left-wing opposition.

Opposition parties and civil society groups have been pressuring Netanyahu to withdraw from the government and form a coalition with the centrist Likud party.

Netanyahu has said that the public should vote for a new leader, although it remains unclear whether the government will make a final decision before the election.

Netanyahu was elected prime minister in 2005 and served until 2013, when he was forced out by the country’s coalition government.