Primary election for Montana, Montana, and Colorado will be held on November 5. 

According to the Montana Secretary of State’s Office, Montana is the third state in the country to hold a primary election to determine the winner of the presidential race. 

Montanans who are registered to vote will be allowed to vote in the presidential election. 

“Montanaans can vote in this election if they are registered with the secretary of state’s office, and if they’re eligible to vote,” said Montana Secretary to the Secretary of the State Kyle Ritchie.

“All voters can register and vote, regardless of residency or citizenship status.” 

Montanas Secretary of States office says voting in the primary election is free of charge. 

The Montana Secretary of State’s office is working with the Montana State Police to prepare a list of eligible voters to provide to the local election officials, according to Ritchie’s office. 

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is leading Democrat Hillary Clinton in Montana with more than 56 percent of the vote. 

In Montana, Trump and Clinton have roughly equal support among likely voters, with Trump garnering more than 80 percent of voters who are likely to vote.