The day Russia had it…

The day Putin had it.

The day he had it in a few days.

I think he got his way, I think the Russian people did too.

He made sure he had his way.

He had the power to do what he wanted.

He just did it.

He was an autocrat, and he was the greatest autocrat that Russia has ever had.

He got his own way.

His way of doing things was very good.

He did not have a mandate.

He didn’t have to.

He wanted the Russian Federation to be united.

He only had to win the elections to do that.

He won, and the Russian Republic was united.

And I’m sure the Russians, and other people around the world will look back and say that they could have done it better, but they did it because they were told to do so by Putin, by his own team.

But I do not believe that.

I believe that he was doing this because he had a mandate from the people of Russia.

And it was clear to me from the start.

So this is the biggest coup of the century.

The president has taken over.

He is doing this for his own personal agenda.

I am not saying this for the sake of Putin.

I don’t believe that Putin has been the greatest leader of all time.

But in the end, what is happening now is, it is not a coup.

It is a coup that has taken place under Putin.

And this is why the people are angry and are going into revolt.

And they are going to be angry because they don’t want to live under this puppet.

They don’t like it anymore.

The American people and other countries should not be fooled into thinking that this is a legitimate government in Russia.

It was not.

This is a dictatorship.

Putin is the greatest dictator that Russia had ever had and that ever will have.

And the Russian president has been trying to rule this country, but the American people are going off the deep end of the deep-end, because they see the puppet.

He has had his hand in all the dirty deals, all the money that he has taken from the Russian economy, from the American economy.

The people are very angry.

But this is Putin’s way of keeping Russia united.

I can tell you, I have never seen such a lack of unity.

This country was united under the old regime.

Now the new regime has gone in.

The new regime is doing things that are contrary to the will of the people.

And Putin is just trying to bring Russia back into line.

He does not want to make the Russians like the Americans.

He wants to bring the Americans into line, into the Kremlin, and into the Russian government.

This was the only way for Putin to rule.

He can do what is right for Russia, and we should not think that the American government will stand by and watch this.

They will not stand by, but Putin will try to get his way and take this country back.

This should not happen.

This coup was an attempt to steal power.

It wasn’t for Putin.

This can’t happen.

We have to be honest about this.

There are people who are very upset about this, because this is not the American way.

There is no American way of governing a country.

This, however, is not something that I am against.

I know that Putin will get this.

And he will be punished.

And that will be the price that will have to pay.

But he can do it in Russia, he can take it out on the United States, and it will not be as bad as it could have been.

And you will be able to tell this to the American public.

There will be some people who will say: ‘You’re kidding, we should have stood by and watched this’.

But I think that, yes, there will be a great deal of anger in America.

There may be a lot of people in the United State who will think: ‘We’re not going to stand by when it comes to Putin.

We’re going to go after him.’

And this will be bad for our country, and bad for Russia.

But there is no way that the Russians will stand idly by and let this happen.

And there is a big difference between a coup and a coup attempt.

If you are a military commander, or a KGB or KGB-type person, and you decide that you are going after the leader of the United Nations or the American Embassy, or the president of France, or any other person who has authority to do something that you don’t agree with, you don.t have to do it.

But when you decide to attack the United Nation, or if you decide you are not going after a military official, you can’t do that, because you have to go ahead and attack the official.

You have to get your own way, you have got to go