— The results of King County’s November 7 election have been certified, but it’s still unclear who will be the next governor.

The results were certified on Monday afternoon.

The results will be released later this week.

A new governor will be sworn in on Dec. 12.

The King County Board of Elections said the results will become official as soon as Monday.

President-elect Mike McGinn will be elected at a special election on Dec, 12.

McGinn is up for re-election to the office of governor on Dec., 14.

The board of elections also said McGinn is likely to be re-elected to the state House of Representatives.

McGinney won the Nov. 7 election with 51.2 percent of the vote, while the remaining votes came from four candidates.

The candidates running for governor are:Steve Schale, who is running as a Democrat for the seat vacated by Gov.

Ted Wheeler; John R. Holmquist, who ran as a Republican for the spot vacated by former Gov.

Bruce Babbitt; Kevin O’Brien, who runs as a Libertarian; and Dan Koozlar, who wants to be the new Republican chairman of the state Board of Education.

McGlone is a Republican.

The King, Oregon, native, is running to become the fourth Republican governor in Oregon history.