The UK is set to be the first country to hold its general election live on YouTube and Twitch, following a move by the Prime Minister to allow viewers to watch and stream the election live online.UK election live stream, on the moveUK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the Government will allow people to watch live election results and the result in real time from the Government’s YouTube channel.

The live stream will be streamed via the Prime Ministers website from 6pm BST on Saturday, June 8, and will be available on Twitch from 8pm BST.

The Prime Minister has said the Government wants to encourage people to take part in the elections as the election has become increasingly complex.

“We need to encourage a wider range of engagement and participation in our elections,” May said.

“That means making sure that voters get the real deal, the real news from the campaign trail, and we need to give them the full picture.”

And we’re going to allow people across the country to see the results live, and have the chance to vote, even if it is only on Twitch.

“The UK Government said it would be “in line with the UK Government’s commitment to live and free elections”.

May said: “We want to encourage more people to get involved in politics, including by encouraging people to make a vote in person, and to vote online.”

With this new election being held, I think that’s a good opportunity for the country.”

So we’re looking forward to watching it and sharing it with everyone, and I know we’ll be doing that in a number of ways.

“Live election results:The prime minister said that the Prime Secretary’s office and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport would be providing a number, including live tweets, of the result.

However, the Prime Minster said that “we are also looking at the technology available for online viewing, so that people can get the full story of the election as it happens”.

The UK has one of the most complex election systems in the world, with voters having to fill out a ballot paper, sign an application form and then go to polling stations to cast their vote.

However the Prime minister said she wanted to ensure the process of voting could be easier for those who do not live in the country, and said the government was looking into ways to improve online voting.

She added: “One of the things that is really exciting about the election is that it’s all live.

So we want to see that, even when we don’t have the vote count, we get the results.

“The Government has also announced that the Government would be allowing viewers to stream the results of the general election from any country they could access, including Britain, Australia, Canada, the US, and many others.

The announcement follows the move by May to allow citizens to vote for the election in a wide range of countries including the US and Japan, but it has been resisted by the US.

The UK elections will be held on May 8, 2019, when a new UK prime minister will take office.