How Kentucky voted on the eve of an election

The Kentucky Election Commission said Thursday that voters in the city of Lexington, Ky., who have not previously voted in a Kentucky primary will cast their ballots for the first

How to vote in the election 2020

GEROGIA, Gabon— Gabon’s election is set for Tuesday, with a presidential runoff between incumbent President Gbenga Bissou and opposition candidate Emmanuel Macron, both of whom have pledged to pursue an

What to expect in US election coverage – live blog

The live election coverage of the US presidential race on the BBC News website will be dominated by a series of live election predictions.The BBC News app, which will be

How many Canadian voters will vote in 2019 election?

With a number of provinces and territories set to hold elections in 2019, it seems Canada will have at least two rounds of voting in 2019.And the country’s election system

How to vote in US presidential primary elections in 2020

LINWOOD, N.H. — In the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning upset in the GOP primaries, many voters are turning to their state’s congressional delegations to decide whether to back a

What we know so far about the US election of 1864

Donald Trump is not the only Republican candidate to have said a negative thing about the party that nominated him for president.The party’s nominee has also been accused of being

Louisiana election results 2018

Louisiana elections 2018, which saw Republican Donald Trump win the state’s presidency, have been released online ahead of the November 6 general election.The latest results show that Democrat Ralph Northam

Houston election results: Republican wins re-election

Houston’s Republican-led City Council on Thursday voted unanimously to approve the election results for the city’s 2018 election, which were announced by Houston’s mayor at a press conference.“This is a
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