A lot of things happened in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, and one thing that seemed to get overlooked by most of the coverage was the state’s controversial presidential primary.

A few days before the election, voters in Pennsylvania were asked to choose a Democratic candidate for president, and while there were some notable changes in the state, the final tally didn’t make much of a difference.

With only a handful of candidates in the race, the result was decided by a narrow margin of 537 votes.

But as it turns out, not all of the candidates are doing well in the polls.

As a result, a few things have changed in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, a Democrat won a congressional seat The Democratic candidate in the district where the district in question is located is currently Rep. Mike Coffman, who is the son of former President Bill Clinton.

The race was considered close, but Coffman actually narrowly lost the race by only a few thousand votes.

Coffman will now be running for a seat that is considered safe for Republicans in the next election cycle.

As of Tuesday night, Coffman had amassed more than 1.7 million votes.

It’s likely that Coffman is not a long shot to win, but the fact that the race was even close means that the Democratic candidate will likely not be able to make the final cut.

The Democratic Party of Pennsylvania also has a new chairperson, making him the first Democrat in the entire state’s history to be elected as the party’s new chair.

However, it’s unclear whether Coffman or another Democrat will be running against Coffman in the 2018 election cycle, as his current seat does not expire until 2020.

The party has yet to decide what it plans to do with the seat, though the party is expected to consider its options.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Coffmans political director said the party has not made a decision yet about the race.

Coffmans supporters have said they plan to work to make sure that the seat is up for reelection.

“I’m very excited about the next two years.

I feel like I’m on the right track, and I know the people of Pennsylvania, as a state, are excited about what we have accomplished in Pennsylvania,” Coffmans spokesman, Eric Schulman, said.

“I want to thank all of you who have supported my candidacy, and we look forward to making history and being a part of the next generation of leaders in Pennsylvania.”