The live election coverage of the US presidential race on the BBC News website will be dominated by a series of live election predictions.

The BBC News app, which will be live on election night, will be able to offer live updates for key moments in the campaign, with analysts and pundits predicting the outcome of the races in key states.

There will also be a live quiz from BBC Radio 4, which you can ask the live election expert who is interviewing you to ask you to make a prediction for the state of the election. 

In the UK, the BBC will have a live election preview at 6.30pm on Sunday, with the final live election results coming from 9.30am on Sunday. 

This is a live feed from BBC News in the US. 

BBC News in Britain will be a feed of the final results in the presidential race. 

If you’re in the UK and want to stay up-to-date on the election results, you can follow the live results on the Live election page of the BBC news app. 

How to watch the election on BBC News on BBC iPlayer The BBC will also carry live coverage of live presidential debates and voting by state in key battleground states. 

You can follow live coverage on the live debate page of BBC iplayer or the live voting page of UK’s official election site. 

The live election prediction page of US election day shows live results from a range of key states and election results. 

What to watch on BBC Radio 5 live on BBC World News The BBC’s news coverage of election day will be carried on a live stream on the radio network. 

On Friday, the election was broadcast live on World News, with hosts Jeremy Paxman and John Humphrys delivering live updates on the results.

The broadcaster’s Sunday Politics programme will also offer an hour-long interview with President Trump on the air. 

Other live election coverage will include the BBC World Service’s Brexit coverage and the BBC World Service anchor the election debate. 

 What are some of the key election night events? 

In addition to the election live coverage, the ABC and ITV News platforms will carry live election news updates on election day. 

A new TV One programme, A Night at the Office will bring together a panel of political experts for a debate on the day’s most important political and social issues. 

ABC and ITV will broadcast the election night coverage on Channel 4 from 6.45pm to 7pm. 

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will join a panel of election experts and political leaders on Channel 4 from 7.30PM to 8.30AM in London. 

Corbyn will also join a panel of political leaders on BBC Radio 4 from 7.00PM  to 8.00AM for a special election debate from 7.30 to 8.30. 

Prime Minister Theresa May will  join  the panel for a special election debate at 8PM on Radio 4 from 8pm  to 9.30 PM in London. 

At 9.00pm, Prime Minister David Cameron will join a debate for the second time in a row on Sunday on the BBC Radio 5 live channel from 8pm  to 9.15pm in Manchester. 

Voters will also have a chance to ask questions to the main candidates during a live debate over air at 9.45PM from BBC Radio 6 on Sunday November 10. 

And at 11.00am, a special election debate will take place on ITV News at 10pm from 10pm  in London from 11.30 to 12.00. 

There will be more political experts to follow on social media. 

Here are the key events on election evening: 9pm ABC Live Election Live coverage of the presidential race will be delivered live on ABC TV, Channel Four, BBC Radio 4 and Sky News. 

8:30pm CBS Live election Live Coverage of the presidential race will include CBS News, CBS Sunday Morning and CBS Evening Live for BBC Radio Five and BBC Four for ITV. 

7:30am NBC Live presidential Live political coverage will include NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and NBC Nightly News for CBS, ABC and NBC. 

6:00am CBS Politics Live politics coverage of US elections will include CBS News, The CBS Evening News and CBS News Sunday Morning for ABC News. 5: