The US election is still over three months away, and we are still waiting for official certification of the outcome.

The state is still the final battleground for the presidential race, and many believe the vote tally of the last three elections could have changed hands. 

There have been a lot of theories floating around about how the vote will come out, but we will be taking a look at all the scenarios as well as what it means for the state of Georgia. 

One theory being floated by political analysts, is that the state will get to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

However, the Georgia secretary of state’s office has not confirmed or denied the report, and it is unclear how many states will be able to choose to vote for either candidate. 

The US presidential election has not been officially certified, but the results are expected to be released soon. 

Here are some things to know:Georgia was not officially declared a winner until Tuesday morning, when the winner was announced. 

Georgia is the last state in the US to be certified as a winner, but a number of other states have certified that they have won, including Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. 

Vermont has certified its presidential vote tally for the election, and Trump has yet to officially declare his candidacy. 

Presidential elections in Georgia are not decided by the popular vote, which means that the election could still be decided by electoral votes. 

It will not be possible to declare a winner based on the electoral votes that have already been cast, which is a major difference from the other states. 

Trump is not technically the winner of the election if he does not declare his campaign for president in time for the official announcement of the winner. 

If Trump does not officially declare a campaign for the presidency, then it will not count. 

In the last presidential election in Georgia, President Trump lost the state to Democrat Hillary Clinton, but he was able to win the state’s Electoral College votes, and he is expected to do so again in 2020. 

A number of experts believe that Trump will not win the presidency if he is not officially the winner in Georgia.

This includes political analysts like Donald Trump, who believes that Trump is a loser in Georgia because he has a small margin of victory. 

Hillary Clinton has won Georgia by a wide margin in the last five elections, but Trump has not won Georgia since 1984, when he was running against incumbent President Ronald Reagan. 

On Tuesday, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declared that Trump has a “very good chance” of winning the election. 

He added that “if he can make Georgia competitive again, he will be the president of the United States of America.” 

It is still too early to tell if the election will be decided based on a popular vote or the electoral college vote. 

While there are no official predictions as to the outcome of the US presidential elections, some experts have said that Trump’s margin of defeat in Georgia could be huge, if he manages to get close to Clinton in the electoral College. 

Even if Trump is not the winner, he may still have a chance of winning in 2020 by the way of electoral votes if Georgia does not get to vote.

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