The Senate runoff elections in 2018 are set to take place at the end of the month, but Democrats have already taken aim at a key Republican in the contest.

The Senate’s seat in the midterm elections is now held by Democratic Sens.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and it has become an increasingly high-stakes race for control of the chamber.

Democrats have already held the seat in 2018, winning it by only 2,000 votes over Republican Dan Coats, but their prospects for a repeat victory in November are looking increasingly bleak.

Democrats are now targeting the two senators in the runoff election, while Republicans are targeting the incumbent, Rep. Todd Rokita of Indiana.

On Wednesday, Democrats are expected to begin releasing detailed polling numbers from the race, hoping to turn some of the attention away from their party’s most vulnerable members in Congress.

The candidates have not yet released their polling numbers, though Democrats have noted that Rokitas numbers are “much lower than the numbers Democrats are reporting,” Politico reported.

Rokita was one of the key players in a historic 2010 effort to pass a constitutional amendment that gave voters the right to vote in presidential primaries, but the amendment failed, and President Obama was reelected in November 2010.

The Rokitas are currently serving their third terms, with the last election taking place in 2018.

Democrats want to be able to turn the 2018 election into a referendum on Rokits record on issues like healthcare and immigration.

Rokito has voted against immigration reform and has called for a border wall with Mexico.

The 2018 election could be a referendum, with Democrats hoping to get some attention and the GOP hoping to keep the seat.

Both parties are targeting their candidates in the race.

If the races are close, the next presidential election will likely take place after the midterm election.

That could make the race even more competitive, but there is a good chance that Democrats will be able win in November if the races do not turn ugly.