The Georgia gubernatorial election is expected to produce a close outcome between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel.

OssoFF won the primary on June 18 and Handel won the general election.

This election has been a particularly divisive one.

Osos election was marred by voter fraud allegations.

The former Secretary of State was also accused of trying to illegally steal thousands of dollars from the campaign of his running mate, Karen Handels opponent, and was ultimately found to have violated campaign finance laws.

The election also comes as Democrats and Republicans alike are scrambling to come up with a viable path forward.

What are the polls doing?

The polls have been extremely tight.

The latest Real Clear Politics average shows Ossof and Handels lead the field of candidates by 4.5 points, which is in line with the previous high for this race.

In Georgia, the polls have a 2.9-point edge for Ossofs lead, and the FiveThirtyEight average is a 5.6-point lead for Handels.

If you’re undecided, you can still get a good look at the race by checking out the RealClearPolitics PollTracker, which gives a more accurate estimate of how the election is shaping up.

Here are the latest polls.

How are you feeling about this election?

You can’t argue with polls.

Polls are the currency of the political world.

They determine the strength of an entire election.

You know you’re going to get a decent showing if you don’t get a lot of people to show up.

But what polls tell us is what people are looking for in an election.

The polls tell you a lot about how people feel about the race and what the race will look like if they don’t show up, and that’s really what matters in a campaign.

How has this election affected your life?

The election has given new meaning to how people spend their time.

It’s no longer about how many votes they get.

It is about how they spend their money.

That is a big change.

The political world has changed a lot.

It used to be that a good campaign could be won by one of the big-money candidates who would be able to raise a lot more money than the lesser-known candidate who might end up being on the bottom of the ticket.

This year, the candidates with the most money can actually win, but it’s a much closer race.

You can actually see how much money candidates spend on TV ads versus ads on the ground.

It really changes how you spend your time and money.

Do you believe that the race is tied or that it’s going to go either way?

I’m not so sure.

Ossos campaign is a mess.

It doesn’t help that Handel is in the middle of a wave of negative advertising from Republicans.

If OssoFs campaign were to be taken at face value, the campaign would be a disaster.

The last thing voters want to see is someone who is untrustworthy and untrustable.

It would be very hard for anyone to trust a Democrat in the state of Georgia, but Handel has a history of doing things that are unpopular in the Beltway.

Thats why she lost the primary, which was also a blow to her campaign.

This race is going to be a fight about the future of the country.

How do you see this election impacting the rest of the presidential race?

If you’re thinking about voting for someone in November, this election will have a huge impact on your choices.

It will tell you whether you are voting for a Democrat or a Republican.

I hope the president and vice president don’t win in November.

I think they will be in the same boat as many other Democrats and Republican voters who are looking at a tough re-election.

It may not be the most important election for them, but I think it will be a very important election.