Former Vice President Joe Biden was chosen as the youngest president to be elected in the United States, a new poll showed.

Biden, 57, was chosen by voters of the State of the Union address in New York City, according to the survey by CNN.

He will take over the White House after former President Barack Obama leaves office.

Biden won the election with 57 percent of the vote.

Biden will be the longest-serving sitting president in the history of the United State.

The vice president has been a leader in the White house, serving as vice president and as president, and the president has appointed him to key posts including secretary of defense and secretary of state.

Biden was born on February 12, 1929, in Brooklyn, New York.

Biden is the son of Democratic President Joe Sr. and Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Biden, who served as the vice president from 1977 until the beginning of President Barack Obamas term in 2009, will serve as a special envoy to the United Nations, CNN said.

Biden also has been known to have a strong personality.

In his inaugural address, Biden called himself a “tough, tough and true” man.

Biden said he was determined to bring the United Kingdom and Europe together.

He has been called a “prince of peace” and a “peace warrior.”

The president’s brother, Vice President Joseph Biden, has been in the role of White House chief of staff since January 1, 2017, according the CNN survey.