By David McNewThe Ohio presidential primary is now almost upon us, and there’s a fair bit of drama and confusion surrounding the results, so let’s start with the obvious.

As the polls close, the candidates will be locked in the race for Ohio’s presidency for the next four months.

The final tally will be released on November 3, but it’s likely to be a close race, with candidates likely to have won more than 60% of the vote in the first round.

With that in mind, the next few days will be critical for the candidates.

The Ohio primary is an important step toward determining who will be president.

The candidates will also have to contend with a series of other races on November 8, including the winner-take-all gubernatorial and congressional races, as well as the state’s open U.S. Senate race.

If you’re interested in the races, check out our coverage of the race here.

But what’s really important is what happens after Ohio.

The outcome of the primary is what sets the stage for the general election in November 2020.

If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, his supporters will want to see him defeated.

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, her supporters will also want to get rid of Trump.

Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee and will have the opportunity to get his supporters to vote for him in the general.

Clinton is expected to win the Democratic nomination, and will be the Democratic candidate in November.