In an election that was marred by fraud and a slew of accusations of fraud and mismanagement, voters were asked to give their verdicts by the election wizard.

A man looks at his ballot after casting his vote in a polling booth in the town of Toulouse, France, in this November 26, 2017, file photo.

(AP Photo/Philippe Wojazer)A man casts his ballot in a voting booth in Paris on November 27, 2017.

(AFP Photo/Jean-Pierre Busson)A voter is cast a vote at a polling station in Marseille, France November 27.

(Reuters) A woman votes at a voting station in Paris, France.

(EPA) A voter casts his vote at his polling station, in Paris November 28, 2017.(Reuters) People cast their votes at polling stations in Marseilles, France October 3, 2018.

( REUTERS/Stephane Mahe)A woman holds a sign reading ‘Vote for the candidate you believe to be the right person for the job’ as she casts her vote at polling station.

(L’Oreal/AFP/Getty Images) A polling station is seen in Paris during a French presidential election, in which France is on the brink of voting on whether to extend its presidential term.

(Mariana Bazo/Reuters)A worker works on a voting machine at a booth during a poll at a hotel in Paris.

(Jacques Boissinot/AFP) A voting machine is seen at a voter’s voting station.

The election will be the first held by a French president since President Emmanuel Macron swept to power in May elections, beating far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a landslide.

(REUTERS/Philipp Clot)A poll worker casts his votes at the polling station at a shopping centre in the French capital, Paris, on November 26.

(Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters/Pool) Voters leave a polling place at a station in Toulous, France on November 30, 2017 after a new election.

(Michel Euler/AFP via Getty Images) Voters wait for their ballot to be counted at a poll in Toussaint, northern France, November 28.

(Paul Chiasson/AFP Via Getty Images).

People leave a voting office in the Paris suburb of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France following the re-run of the election for the presidency on November 28 after the presidential election is re-called.

(Carl Court/AFP-Getty Images/File) Voters vote at the voting station at the Paris office of the Socialist Party in Tresseres, France May 24, 2018.(AP Photo) People leave the voting booth at a building used by the Socialist party in Trier, Germany, on May 24.

(Maxim Shemetov/Getty) Voters walk down the street during the rerun of a French Presidential election, November 26 in Paris.(AFP Photo / Sylvain Chabal/AFPvia Getty Images for the French Presidency) A man casts a vote in the street in Tignous, north of Paris, after the rerunning of the presidential elections on November 29.

(Thibault Camus/Reuters via Getty) Voters cast their ballots at polling booths at a town hall in Paris ahead of the re run of the French presidential elections, November 29, 2017 (AP: Thibault Camussot/Reuters).

People stand near a voting box at the Toulouis voting station during the polling on November 24, 2017 in Toutes les Monde.

(Rafael Gauthier/AFP courtesy of AFP via Getty).

A worker uses a voting computer in Tonton, near Paris, to cast his vote on November 25, 2017 ahead of re-runs of the upcoming presidential election.

The re-running is expected to continue until May 30.

(Dylan Martinez/Getty ) A vote at voting stations is seen outside a polling centre in Tournai, northern Paris, November 24.

A worker casts a ballot at a street polling station November 24 in Toute Paris, northern suburbs of Paris.

An election worker holds a ballot to cast in the voting centre in Saint-Étienne, northern, France after re-casting the election, after French President Emmanuel Emmanuel Macron won an election.

Macron has been campaigning on a promise to increase spending and raise taxes on the wealthy, particularly on the wealthiest, to raise the middle class.

(Photo by Pascal Tessier/Getty Image) A worker casts her ballot in the election in Tiqua, France in this October 24, 2013 file photo.(AP photo/Philipp Feigin) A French Presidential candidate casts his or her vote during a re-cast of the elections on October 27 in Paris (AFP photo by Francois Mori/AFP).

Voters cast a ballot in Marseillese, France July 12, 2017 before