BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi today said that the election of 2020 was “perfect storm” that gave “the opportunity to defeat” the Congress.

Mr Modi, who was elected as the BJP’s candidate for the Lok Sabha seat of Patiala constituency, said that there were a lot of problems in the country.

He added that the BJP would be able to win the next election in 2019 if the people of the country did not resort to violence.

Mr Narendra Modi, the party’s general secretary, was speaking to reporters after a meeting with his party’s allies and supporters.

The meeting was held to discuss the election result, with a view to “building confidence” in the party, he said.

“Today’s results are perfect storm.

We need to keep on improving our party and we will be able win elections in 2019,” he added.

Mr Kumar Modi said that while the BJP was hopeful about 2019, the election results had given it “the possibility of defeating” the opposition, and he hoped that the results would help the party in its fight against the Aam Aadmi Party.

He also said that he was confident about the BJP winning the 2019 election and hoped that “the people of Gujarat and other parts of the nation will not resort” to violence during the elections.

The Congress is contesting from Patialas seat in Uttar Pradesh.