The Republican Party has been in deep trouble with white voters for decades.

They voted for Republicans in big numbers and consistently favored them over Democrats.

In a way, this was good for the GOP.

They were able to present themselves as the party of the people and keep people like them in the fold.

The Republican party, however, has been running out of ways to win them back.

The GOP has had trouble convincing voters that they are on the side of working people, the poor, and minorities.

As a result, the party has been struggling to attract them, especially since the 2008 election.

But it appears that it has already made some progress.

The last time the Republican Party was in a position to win the white vote was in 1964.

That was the year of the Civil Rights Act.

In 1964, the GOP won 54.3% of the white voters and won the presidential election.

Today, the Republican party has an 8-point advantage over the Democratic Party in the white voter share.

In 2014, the race for the presidency was a toss-up.

Trump won the white share by about 9 percentage points, but lost to Clinton by about 8 points.

Trump lost the non-white vote by 7 points.

The Democratic Party has also been in trouble with whites since 1964.

In 2016, the Democratic candidate for president was Bernie Sanders.

Sanders won the Democratic white vote by 10 points, compared to Clinton’s 8-points loss.

The non-black share of the electorate in 2016 was the same as it was in 2014.

It is possible that Trump may be able to recapture some of the support of the voters who voted for him in 2016.

The white vote is not exactly a monolith, however.

As of March 2017, Clinton had the support from about 3.6 million white voters, compared with Trump’s 1.7 million.

This suggests that, in order to win back the white votes, the Democrats need to improve their performance with non-whites.

And it’s not hard to see how Trump could do this.

He has said that he would be a better president for minorities than President Obama was.

He’s not the first to say that.

Trump has repeatedly said that his supporters are the “silent majority.”

This could be a good opportunity for the Republican leadership to turn out the white voting bloc.

The party should also be making efforts to convince white voters that the Democratic party is not really the party that they want.

In 2020, the Republicans should focus on making it clear that they really are the party for working people and the poor.

The Republicans should emphasize that the Democrats are really for the rich and big corporations.

And the Republicans can also try to make it clear to white voters the Democrats aren’t the party who is for minorities and the underdogs.

Trump’s supporters are not the “tolerant” ones.

The most common words used to describe Trump supporters are “racist,” “white supremacists,” and “nazis.”

The most frequently used racial slurs against Trump supporters is “faggot.”

And the most commonly used epithet for Trump supporters (or those who are associated with Trump) is “bitch.”

If Trump’s party wants to win white voters back, it should be showing them that the Republican agenda is actually working.

They should be telling white voters not to be racist, but rather that the GOP is the party to support the poor and working class.

As they have for decades, the political leadership of the GOP should be working on making this point loud and clear.

It’s the way to win a majority of white voters.

If Trump wins the white working class back, the politics of the Republican brand will be on its way to winning back the Democratic brand.

This is a new and exciting chapter in the history of the modern Republican Party.

If the Republican National Committee can show white working-class voters that Republicans are for the working class, they will win back their votes.

_____ Richard Haass is a political analyst at The American Conservative and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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