The New Jersey election results may still not be known after all, despite a late night call by a voter recount expert, according to a New Jersey State Board of Elections official.

The board of elections on Wednesday night gave no reason for notifying voters who voted absentee or early that they would need to do so in order to be able to cast a ballot.

That meant some voters could not be notified at all.

The vote tally on Election Day will not be finalized until the New Jersey Board of Election’s staff reviews the ballots, and the board will have time to assess the results, the board’s chief election official, Dan Wiederer, said.

Wiederer did not say whether the votes cast by the voters could be counted, but he did say that the board would have the option of re-counting them.

He said the board did not have the time to conduct the count until Friday.

In the final tally, the Democratic candidate, Assemblyman Peter Barca, beat incumbent Republican incumbent Assemblyman James Comer.

The Republican was the winner of the Nov. 4 special election.

The final tally included 1,922 absentee ballots cast.

A total of 574,904 ballots were cast by mail and 2,094 were cast at the polls.

The board found that the mail ballots were counted more accurately than the polls, but there were still some discrepancies between the absentee ballots and the polls as a result of that.