You have to watch this presidential election!

As the 2016 election drew to a close, it seemed like there was only one way to watch the presidential race: Watch the first presidential debate.

The debate is one of the most-watched political shows on television, and the two-hour event will feature Donald Trump as well as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

But it’s the candidates’ first time face-to-face since the election, and viewers will be treated to a number of political highlights.

The first of those will be a special edition of “60 Minutes,” which will air in the afternoon and will feature the two presidential candidates, former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama, at their first face-off since the inauguration.

Watch the full video of this week’s 60 Minutes here: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the First Face-Off: 60 Minutes Here are some of the highlights: The First Face Off The first face off between Trump and Clinton will take place at 7 p.m.

ET on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at the Lincoln Memorial.

Clinton will be joined by her husband, former president Bill Clinton, as well Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who will be the host of the debate.

(This debate will be broadcast on NBC, CBS and Fox News.)

Both candidates will speak about the challenges facing America, their visions for the country and their priorities, as they look to build on their successes in the Oval Office.

The two candidates will be given a chance to explain their respective policies and visions.

Trump will be asked to discuss the impact of globalization on jobs, the economy and the future of our country.

Clinton, meanwhile, will be grilled on issues like income inequality and income inequality in general.

She’ll be asked about her record as a first lady and the need for a strong military.

Finally, Trump will ask her about her policies and the challenges faced by women and minorities in the United States today.

The Second Face Off After the first faceoff, the two candidates are expected to meet for a second face-time on Wednesday night, Oct: 16 at 8 p.